We build trays that are designed and customized to organize your jewelry and keep them clutter free. Any size, color and configuration in solid wood velvet or suede. Contact us at 3058046736 or check us on amazon, Etsy and houzz

About us
My husband and I own a company that builds custom closets and many women needed trays of equal quality as their closets. We came up with beautiful trays that can be customized , any size color or configuration in an array of beautiful colors in plush velvet or suede!! Our trays are for life and made with high quality materials and the best of all made here in the USA!! Support USA small business like us that believe that customers comes first and their satisfaction is our double satisfaction !! Nothing makes us more happy than “ I love my tray” ,”I’m in love with my closet and jewelry tray “ . These customers feedback always make our day!! We are always here to help with any questions you might have. Valerie

Email – Beautybeden@gmail.com
Phone number –
Website – http://www.beautybyeden.com