At Grand Café we always keep our doors open and cater to every special event. If you would like to know more about our services, hours of operations, or ongoing specials, please message us using the form below.

Conveniently located on Stirling Road, minutes from I-95, this European-style Hollywood cafe offers a delightful menu, delicious coffee and blended drinks, friendly service, both indoor and outdoor seating, and a “warm” South Florida culinary experience.

You can GRAND from early morning and enjoy breakfast all day or GRAND in lunch and dinner selections from our extensive menu. Whether you dine in or take out, you will be delighted by the ever-changing fresh food selections, extensive coffee and drinks menu, and personalized service…all which are sure to make you a regular customer!



We provide excellent breakfast items to wake up to every morning. Our European-inspired menu offers delicious meal items such as omelets, wraps, tapas, yogurts and much more! Call today to ask us about our special offers like the ‘Just the two of us’ which is a delicious way to have brunch with a friend or family member.



Our appetizers are fantastic ways to start off your dinners. With delicious and tasty combinations that prepare you for your entrée and settle a hungry appetite. We provide hummus dishes for the pita lovers who want to satiate their chickpea cravings. There are also European classics like the Caprese and Beet Carpaccio!



Specials like these will have you coming back for more! Each of our specials is specially made by our chefs who have perfected each of these dishes. The sabich plate is both a feast for your stomach and your eyes; the smoked salmon plate lets you make your combination of toppings! One taste and you’ll be a fan for life!



We are a kosher café, and our fish is some of the best you’ll ever have in your life. There is something on every plate for anyone. With dishes such as the ahi tuna stroganoff, the salmon penne pasta and much more blend great European pasta delicacies with grilled fish fusions!



The salads and wraps that we provide are delicious. The Israeli house salad is one of our most favorite items on the menu! We also provide excellent salads such as Tuna Salad, Beet Salad, Garbanzo, Veggie Chop, The Boulevard, and much more. Each of our salads is made fresh every day and are made with the highest-quality ingredients!



Paninis and Sandwiches are the staples of many great cafes, and we are not the exception. Our Paninis such as the Panini Mozzarella, the Eggplant Fontina, and the Salmonini set us apart from the competitors. Like our Fish corner, each of our sandwiches and paninis is completely kosher and made to be delicious.



We make some of the finest pizzas and pasta in town. Each of the pizzas is created for each customer uniquely, and no two are exactly alike. Our pasta, similar to the fish corner pasta, are all made with European inspiration fused with Israeli cuisine. Each of these items will melt in your mouth and are made fresh daily.



If you took the finely crafted paninis from our sandwich section and instead placed them on the deliciously toasted bagels, you would end up with our Jerusalem Bagel Toast. Delicious is the standard that we begin with when we handcraft these delicious little sandwiches. Perfect for brunch and lunch, you have to check these out.



The Taboon is the clay oven that we have in our restaurant. From here we can recreate recipes with a unique taste and twist that can only be comparable to stone fire ovens. From the malawaches to the burekas, we can create dinner items that you will never have anywhere without a taboon.


Grand Café
2905 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33312

P: (954) 986-6860


Sunday – Thursday: 7AM-Midnight

Friday: 7AM-3PM

Saturday: Open One Hour After Sunset